Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekend in the mountains and our 1st Bikers' rally!

We took the opportunity to go to a Bikers' Rally in Penedo, while at the same time going to our favourite place outside of Rio: Maringa, 10 kms from Visconde de Maua, in the mountains.

The rally was supposed to be the 3rd International Bikers meeting in Penedo. The only thing international there were the bikes: lots of Harleys and BMWs. And us!

We got in touch with the organiser and he wanted to interview us in the evening, but we declined as we were staying in Maringa, which involves a 10kms ride on horrible unpaved surface... I did not fancy doing it at night!

We did not stay long at the meeting due to lots of loud music, very little shade and intense heat. Bikers there seemed to come with their motorcycle club mates and did not seem to mix much with other people. In this aspect it was very different from the Horizons Unlimited Travellers meetings, were everyone speaks with everyone else and there is definitely no loud music or concert. Just Motorcycle travellers interested in meeting other bikers with similar interests and exchange ideas and information.

Still, it was interesting!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Motorcycling in Rio...

We now both have our motorbikes sorted. After more crazy bureaucracy with Detran and 2 weeks trying to book my bike to get it fitted with a number plate, we are now ready to ride!

We had a few rides around Parque de Tijuca, and days excursions to Petropolis and Teresopolis, along with our 15 year old niece, visiting from France.

One word to describe riding in Rio: insane!

It seems that we are not to use lanes, an cars will bully us frequently out of our lane if we dare to use one. Apparently we are supposed to wizz dangerously bewteen cars, as fast as we can, going from one lane  to another, to yet another etc.... but not clogging a lane that belongs only to vehicles with 4 wheels or more.

So far, we managed to survive. I only relax once I am far from Rio and in small deserted country lanes!

Next weekend, there is a big bikers meeting in Penedo (about 200kms from Rio). We are planning to leave on Friday middday to avoid the insane Friday evening traffic, and we will spend the weekend in Visconde de Maua. Our first bikers rally in Brazil! Should be interesting!