Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Siberia again ... very soon

Well, in my last post, at the end of our ride to Mongolia and back (back in August!)  I said that 2015 would be work, work and work only.....

...But I could not resist.

Now, if you followed our adventures last year, across central Asia, you may remember that, just before crossing the border into Mongolia, we spent a night in a camp in the Siberian Altai.

There, we met with Anton and Vladimir. Vladimir was leading a guided tour across the Altai. He is a motocross racer but he also has a business doing tours in the Altai.

So few months ago I got in touch with him. And there we go, 10 days in the Altai this summer, sorted.! :) Anton will join us too. The plan is to ride in the mountains of the Altai. The place is spectacular, it would be crazy not to, if we have the opportunity. We will be riding Vladimir's bikes: Suzuki Djebel 250 and 200cc for me as I am small! I can't reach the ground with my feet on the 250!

For details of Vladimir business, look at and If ever you fancy a short guided ride in the Altai, he is your man! He also has a Facebook account:

So, I sorted the Visas, tourist this time, the plane tickets to Gorno-Altaysk and all is now ready. Just need to wait for the departure date this summer! And get my russian notes out so I can relearn a bit of the local language!

 I think it will be awesome!

Also coming soon, we will be at the Horizons Unlimited weekend meeting in France, in September, and we will be doing a presentation of our last trip: London to Mongolia - 'A How To' session, with plenty of advice and tips if you are interested in following in our footsteps. So if you are around, come and join us!

That's all for now! I will tell all about Siberia when I can!