Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Rio Cooking etc...

I did an afternoon cookery class at this place:

It was brilliant.  Simone is a great chef and great gal! I love her!
We learnt about the traditional Feijoada.  I have been experimenting since on how to cook the  rice Brazilian style, cooking aipim (manioc),  couve etc.. and will do the beans tomorrow (they are in a water tonight!)….
I can’t wait to do the Moqueta class!

Also learnt how to make great drinks:

Recipes on request ! but best do the day class! Great fun! And you will stuff your face with food! How cool is that?!

For now I am back at school for another run of intensive Portuguese lessons!

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  1. My friends are having a Feijoada this weekend. This will be my first, we'll see if I like it.