Saturday, 1 October 2011

Are my upstairs neighbours printing false money...????????

There is a lot of noise coming from the flat upstairs.
We already complained once via the agency.
It is not ordinary noise though! They seem to have some machine that keeps going all night and all days at times! Like a printing press type of noise!
As the building is for families to live in,  I don’t think they would be allowed to have some sort of workshop up there in any case. But there are very weird gossips  about them!
First, they don’t seem to work.  I heard from a neighbour that the woman who lives there used to do the tax stuff of the owner of the building. That may explain why they get the flat virtually for free! They may know a lot about the tax affairs of the building’s owner!
Then the guy seems to be shifting VERY heavy furniture across the wooden  floor for hours at time!
When the building got renovated and painted, they refused for ANYONE to enter the flat.  Actually no one is ever left into their flat…. There is something really strange going on!
They definitely have some sort of illegal workshop above our bedroom…

Are they printing false money? Whatever is going on is weird…

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