Friday, 24 February 2012

little by little...

Carnaval is over, our friends are back to London and now things are moving again, slowly!
We finally have a bank account, I managed to get included in Alistair's account at last (although I don't have any card or anything yet!)! Our local ID cards (RNE) are being sorted...

There *may* be a way round getting a work permit for me (shhhhht ! Don't say anything... this is Brazil, it's all about "Jeitinho"...)

AND... most important, our container is on its way. Which means one very important thing: we will get (soon!) our motorcycle gear!!!!

So you know the drill! We are off bike shopping this weekend! :D
We won't go far, just to the Botafogo BMW dealer. I have (almost!) made up my mind. Al wants an F800GS, I will probably go for the G650GS. I know! Those who know me, heard me saying that after my experience with my previous F650GS I swore never to buy another BMW! God that bike was a DOG! But then the G650GS has a seat of 78cm, so no faffing around lowering the bike, and it is the cheapest lowest dual bike in Rio! So it might be a good choice. Although the Kawasaki ER-6N is still very tempting. But considering the state of the roads here, a dual bike is best!

Anyway we will have a look soon!

Meanwhile, I have been organising our next bike holiday, in June. We plan to rent a couple of bikes from Colorado and tour Wyoming and Montana for 3 weeks. They have some of the best (bike!) roads in the US apparently. We shall see! :)

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