Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My dog is on Prozac!

Well, something had to change. The dog is over a year old now, but so incredibly clingy that he cannot bear to stay alone at home. His behaviour was starting  to get destructive, we had to do something.
Either find someone who can help fix this issue, or we would not be able to keep him.

Scruffy had to go the vet after cutting his foot on something last Thursday. so, once at INPA (in Copacabana- rua Santa Clara- warmly recommended!), I discussed with Cesar, Scruffy's regular vet, about his behaviour. Cesar recommended a vet who visits INPA on Fridays mornings, Joao is a dog behaviorist. So I booked the dog in and next morning, with Alistair, we were at INPA again.

We had a long chat with Joao. It seems the dog still behaves like a puppy. When they are adults, they should be able to mind their own business and stay on their own, not follow us everywhere. This behaviour is common with adopted dogs. So we need to start some training, but also deal with his separation anxieties crisis when left alone. Medication helps a lot.

So the vet prescribed anti-depressions tablets and some beta blockers that seem to slow down the heart beat.
I never took beta blockers but in my 15 years in Investment banking I have been through 2 phases of such high stress that I had terrible panic attacks, non stop weeping, shaking, not able to sleep etc... I just got to a  stage where I could not cope with the job. And on those 2 occasions, I took anti-depressions tablets. I must admit it did the job of reducing and dealing with the panic attacks and gave me the time I needed to continue working while looking for another job. Eventually, on both occasions, I left the bank. There is only so much sh*t you can take!

So I can see how these tablets can help the dog cope with his crisis. When he loses sight of us in the park, we can see him almost panicking until he see us again....

Since he has been taking his tablets he seems much quieter and seems able to sleep on his bed while I am in another room. that is progress. Usually he follows me everywhere all the time, including the toilets or even when I take a shower!

We will see how it goes. We have tablets for 2 months. In 2 1/2 weeks we are off 3 weeks to the USA, where we have arranged to book 2 motorbikes. We plan to ride in North Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. it should be awesome! Fantastic mountains rides in the area.

So the dog will go the his usual kennel but will continue his treatment. When we are back we will see the vet again.

I hope he will get fixed. We cannot keep a destructive dog in a rented flat otherwise!

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