Thursday, 26 July 2012

Our 1st bikers meeting coming soon...

Well, after all the trouble to register my bike in Barra, and spending 10 days non stop online (Detran website) to make another booking to do just  that, I got to Catete on a rainy day, with the Kwak.

it took 2 hours of waiting, but when I finally handed over all my docs, including the passport translation, the attendant gave it back to me saying it was not necessary. What a surprise!

Anyhow, the bike was finally registered! Perfect. We were able to go for a test ride to Petropolis, but most importantly, we can go to our 1st Brazilian bikers meeting, organised in Penedo:

3o Encontro Internacional de Motocyclistas, in Penedo:

It's at the end of next week. I can't wait.

And for those on the know, the best Motorcycle Museum is in Visconde de Maua: amazing collection of bikes!

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