Thursday, 6 September 2012

Breaking News !!!!

Well now that Alistair has informed his staff, I can break the news.

We are going back to the UK.

Three weeks ago, I got approached, totally out of the blue, by a big European Bank for a job offer, and I accepted it.

Some months ago, I got head hunted by a big American Bank, for a role either in London or NY. At the time I passed, as we were planning to stay until the world cup.

But after our holidays in the US and what was happening in Rio, for Alistair and myself, we were considering coming next year. The job offer, few weeks ago, came at the right time. It is a very interesting project that should keep me going for a year at least.

I am happy I can continue in my chosen career, and frankly, to get my life back. I am definitely not cut to be an expat house wife! And considering that the financial industry in Rio is pretty much non-existent, I was not prepared to give up entirely my career yet. So we are really happy to go back.

I leave soon and Alistair will join me back at the end of the year.

The dog will come with us after going through all the hoops to allow him to be imported to the UK.

I will miss few things of Rio: Acai, the sunshine, few friends, Agua de Coco.... but I won't miss the staggering boredom of being a housewife!

For those of you considering coming to live in Brazil, check out this post, I must admit I agree with the list:

Added to the fact that, unless you come as an expat, finding work will be extremely hard as a gringo, and you will earn in a month what you can earn in a day or 2 in the western world!

Anyhow, last week I sold my bike (at a huge discount!) to a shop. It had only 1,200 km on the clock. Oh well, I will get a nice Versys, once we are settled in London. And a little 125cc for green lane riding!

So, lots of things to look forward to. We are glad to go home and get closer to our friends and family and back into our comfort zone!

This blog will continue to report our motorcycle adventures. They will be many more to come. I have lots of plans on this: next summer riding to south East Europe, maybe into Turkey.

Then, I really want to do the Mongol Rally.

And sometime in the future, spend few months riding in Northern America.

And I still have not given up on my plan to ride from London to Sydney across northern Asia. I will definitely restart my Russian lessons in London!

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