Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What next?

Well, after nearly a year back in London, well, as you may guess, I am starting to be restless! I need a break from work! :)

So I am coming with a new PLAN! Riding from London to UlanBator in Mongolia. Get  to Lake Baikal, and then Irkutsk. From there, try to hope into the tarns-Siberian with our bikes, to Moscow, if possible.

I am still looking in detail at the route.

Following across Turkey into Georgia and Azerbaijan and get a ferry into Turkmenistan seems ideal... but for the transit visa for Turkmenistan, which is only 3 to 5 days, with FIXED dates... and the fact that the ferry only leaves when full. So we could get the ferry leaving once our visas are about to expire.
Of course we can sort that by going via Iran, but then that open a full can of worms, as we need to get a Carnet de passage en Douane for the bikes. Expensive and complicated....

SO I am looking at various routes.

For now I am just about to restart my Russian lessons. DEparture date will come soon so there is much to do and prepare until then....

Keep you posted ....

Suggested routes: south via Turkmenistan or north via Ukraine.....


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