Thursday, 3 April 2014

Starting count down....

Only 20 days to go before departure!

 After a quick weekend in Wales, to visit our dog prospective foster family, we are finally relieved.

We found very good people to look after the dog, family members of one of my friends. They live in a village, by the sea, in a farmer community…. It is paradise for a dog. Sorting out the foster care for the dog was our main concern and we are really glad we found the perfect arrangement.
The dog felt immediately at home there and quite incredibly jumped straight into their knees, which he never does usually with strangers! So the dog will be dropped there before we leave.

 Our second concern was our house. But there again we found an ideal arrangement, as the daughter of one of our neighbours has come back from University. She will stay in the house for few months, keeping an eye on things.

So now, we just need to finalise things. We are almost there after securing all other visas. We only need the Mongol visas. One last injection (vaccination), some packing … and then a test ride this weekend to see how our panniers affect the handling of the bikes and how to fine tune that…

 I am feeling a bit worried about some details, but also very excited. I think I am ready to go!

And here few photos of previous trips... can you guess the country????? Big clue with the last photo.

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