Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Aipim frito

Now there is something you will eat (and love!) when you get  to Rio: Aipim frito (fried Aipim).
Aipim is also called Yuca around South America and everywehere else in Brazil.
In Africa it is called Manioc.
It took me a couple of trials but I cracked it!

How to do it!

Aipim is a root so it is very hard. You need to peel it with a sharp knife and cut in chunks. Leave in water overnight or up to 24h.

Then boil a bit in water until relatively tender.
Put in a colander to dry.

When the aipim is dry, heat oil in a pan. Shove the chunks of aipim in when the oil is very hot and fry until golden.

For a dipping sauce try to do the following dipping sauce:
- juice of one lime
- a drop of cachaca
- juice of chilli mix (made mixing birds eyes chillis + 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water) or some chilli sauce for spice to taste
- a bit of olive oil
- onion sliced or diced.


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