Friday, 6 January 2012

Breakfast at … err.. the Hookers’ Bar!

Not so much “Breakfast at Tiffany” I’m afraid!

Now we woke up on the 30th of Dec. and Alistair fancied hash browns for breakfast.
We went for a small walk on Avenida Atlantica and looked at the menu of one Anglo-saxon bar. They have a good menu, the food is actually very good and they have big screens showing football, American football, baseball and all sort of sports attractive to anglo-saxons gentlemen!  For a reason!  We call it “The hookers’ bar”
It’s a nice place, or would be, if it was not always full of hookers and pimps.  
I walk the dog past it several times a day and you can see the hookers trying to get the attention of the usually only male customers, with the pimps observing from the bar. It is rather seedy.
Anyway we decided to get our breakfast there around 9am. Unfortunately it must have been a busy morning for “the meat trade” as the only customers were many very loud hookers drinking beers with their pimps. Teh 2 white male customers who arrived later on got surrounded by the hookers pretty quickly!  
That put me off my breakfast somehow. Not sure I will go back.
However if you want to have a laugh or are brave enough you can visit. Usually Saturday and Sunday lunch time it is busy with tourists (but still can see the hookers and pimps around – funny!).
I would not eat there again, as (some of)  the maids wearing dirty stained shirts would put me off my food even without the hookers around!
Here is a view if you fancy:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1366&bih=564&wrapid=tlif132586727051010&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl
Anyhow, things are starting to look up after a few depressing weeks.
The visas are ready and I am looking forward to few days shopping in London and catching up with my friends.
After that I will be able to concentrate on my Portuguese and maybe try to find work. Although it is not sure I will be able to work. Apparently I may not be given a work permit, only the 5 year visa. I am not sure how I can get a work permit after that! We’ll see. Now we know that in Brazil, it is all about Jeitinho!
I can’t wait to get my container with my motorcycle gear. I plan to get a BMW again. I know, I said I would never buy (ever ever ever again) a BMW… I eat my hat… but as I said, all in Brazil is about Jeitinho. BMW bikes are expensive enough that only top earners can afford them. By joining then the BMW motorcycle club, it would give me access to influential people, hopefully! That’s my evil plan bouaaahahahahah!!!!!  (“mad laugh”). As you can see, there is a method to my madness! J
There are few investment banks branches in Rio and apparently lots of “niche” hedge funds in Leblon. Maybe I can get some contacts via the BMW MC club…. Time will tell.
In any case the Beemer will be my travel bike, in 5 year’s time, when we go round the world. Yes that IS our medium term plan: motorcycling round the world. Surely, if you know me you cannot expect I would forget about that. I spent 2 years learning Russian to cross Siberia and Mongolia! I “bloody” WILL use it!!!  ;-P
Alistair will get an F800GS, it is a good one. I want to get the G650GS (which is pretty much the old single Funduro 650 revamped). I know that bike inside out considering how many times we had to repair my old one when travelling round south America!
So lots of things to look forward to. I like plans J
Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you have lots of cool plans too!

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  1. Jasminka on board, finally! ;)

    I think we can safely skip this bar, and have some home made hash browns LOL